FAQ Car rental agencies

How much does car hire cost in Kenya?

The average cost of hiring a car in Kenya is around Ksh2,500 to KSh15,000 ($19-$110) per day. This depends on the type of vehicle you want. For example if you want rent an economy car like Toyota Vitz or Mazda Demio, you pay KSh2,500 a day (24hrs).
Many car rental agencies in Kenya offer weekly car rental, the cost should be between Ksh17,500 and Ksh80,000 ($128-$510). Most car hire companies require a minimum of two days rental on weekdays and three days for weekends.

Requirements for renting cars in Kenya?

Requirement for renting a car in Kenya simple and easy to abide. You must have a valid driver’s license and be over 23 years old. Most car rental agencies require you to present an international driving permit if you are not a resident of Kenya. When renting a car, you may also need to provide proof of identity, such as a passport or national identity card. You should also have a minimum of 24 months of driving experience for most car rental agencies.

How much does it cost to hire a car and driver?

Renting a chauffeur driven car rental in Kenya is the best option. You should add between Ksh1,000 to Ksh3,500 ($9-$30) on top of the daily car rental price to get a driver. This can vary depending on the vehicle type and the journey length. For example, hiring an SUV with a driver for 4 days would cost around Ksh40,000 ($390).

What are car rental terms and conditions in Kenya?

  1.  The Owner will allow the Hirer to take the motor vehicle, details of which are described in the Rental Agreement for a period of time, as specified in the Agreement.
  2. The vehicle may only be driven during that time by the person named in the Agreement or a supplementary driver, also mentioned in the Agreement and only if they hold a valid driver’s license.
  3. The Hirer shall pay the Owner for the hire of the vehicle, the sum as specified in the Agreement and authorize the Owner to charge all amounts payable to the Hirer’s account or a pre authorized credit card. Read more 

Daily and Weekly car rental rates in Kenya

Car model


Daily rates

Weekly rates

Range RoverLuxury SUVKES53,000/DayKES350,000/Week
Landcruiser V8Luxury SUV 7paxKES25,000/DayKES157,500/Week
TX Toyota PradoLuxury SUVKES13,000/DayKES84,000/Week
Toyota HarrierMid-size SUVKES9,000/DayKES56,000/Week
Toyota Rav-4Mid-size SUVKES6,000/DayKES38,500
Toyota AlphardMPVKES9,000/DayKES56,000/Week
Toyota Noah MPVKES6,000/DayKES35,000/Week
Toyota FielderCompact carKES3,500/DayKES21,000/Week
Toyota AxioCompact classKES3,500/DayKES21,000/Wekk
Vitz, Demio & NoteEconomy classKES2,500/DayKES17,500/Week