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How to save for a vacation

How to save for a vacation trip.

(Tips for people who don’t have a rich parent/ sponsor and earn peanuts).Organize your tour plan by saving for your vacation trip. Imagine the freedom you get from saving for your holiday trip, you get to access your favorite tourist attractions without much effort and saves you time. Start saving and see how far you can travel. My first flight (2017) was fully paid for by the NGO that organized the workshop I was attending. I could have chosen to post selfies to suffocate my enemies (read fake friends), but I wasn’t expecting another generous workshop organizer, so I humbled myself like my background.
When I returned from the workshop, I took MShwari loan to fill the void left by the purchase of a travel bag and snacks on board Jambojet. (I later realized it was not compulsory to buy stuff the way I always do at Nakuru and Londiani junction).

List of things you must compare before saving for your vacation.

  • Develop a purpose and a plan for your travel. It will be easier sacrificing for a clear purpose. Your purpose should not be to impress a lady or to make fellow ladies jealous or just “kutesa” (translation: making others suffer).
  • Have a dedicated account for saving. In 2019 I did the savings in my Safaricom modem M-Pesa account. Then I wrote “Vacation” on a small piece of paper and wrapped in around the modem using clear tape. That way it was not easy to access the money by impulse without effort and thought. This will be a challenge if you are a spendthrift or you can’t resist mtura every day even when you are broke.
  • Save consistently what you can afford without too much straining. I saved $30 per month for 11 months. That afforded me a return ticket (Nairobi-Kisumu), cab fare, accommodation for 3 nights in a decent hotel and 10k balance to spend on meals and miscellaneous expenses).
  • Humble yourself on the ground during your trip. Don’t try out meals you can’t afford in big hotels. Kibandasky still serves the freshest meals. (For the non-Kenyans reading this, Kibandasky is a budget group of organic food restaurants with an incredibly great network at the grassroots level).
  • If you don’t have enough cash for a return air ticket, just book a bus like the one below. You can convince yourself that you went for your trip aboard a Mercedes Benz, and you won’t be wrong. Climax Coaches have invested heavily on Man and Mercedes buses. Just believe you are either Man enough or you will reach Climax. Puns not intended.

Save for your  next vacation trip, start now!

NOTE: This post is relevant for those who went to school in groups (or CDF/DEB group of schools), learnt under trees, and mostly compete with chicken for food (except on month end when they afford chicken once or twice then eat chicken products thrice).

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