Refund Policy

    Deposit, Cancellation and Refund Policy

    Our policy for accepting deposits, cancellations and processing refunds varies by vehicle type, duration and reason for cancelation and by. The policy will be detailed on the quote and confirmation email you receive and we recommend that you check with the our office if you have any queries.

    Here is a general guide:

    1. After the hire has commenced then as per the Terms and Conditions of car hire (the Rental Agreement). The following also applies and is to be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of car hire and is detailed fully below:
    (a) In the event of an accident there is NO OBLIGATION to either supply another vehicle or provide a refund for the balance of the hire term. Providing a replacement vehicle is entirely at the our discretion, but if the accident is not the hirers’ or nominated drivers’ fault (to be determined by the insurance company) then we may provide a replacement (subject to availability), again this is at our discretion.
    (b) In the event that the hirer wishes to terminate early, there is NO OBLIGATION to provide a refund for the balance of the hire period.

    2. We require a minimum 10% deposit of the total hire value or a minimum of $100 including GST (whichever is the greatest). This may be taken at time of booking . A 20% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking for specialist vehicles (4WD’s, Minibus, Cargo Vans etc.), again this is to to be discussed during the booking, please check with our office for further detailes.

    In the event that you cancel your booking, a cancellation fee may apply as follows (however this policy does vary by vehicle type):
    (a) Cancellation within seven (7) days of the hire commencing, 10% or $100 (whichever is the greater) cancellation fee, ie. no refund of 10% / $100 deposit, or where a deposit was not charged then a fee equal to 10% of the hire value or $100 (whichever is the greater) will be payable.
    (b) Cancellation prior to seven (7) days of the hire commencing, FULL REFUND/NO CANCELLATION FEE.
    (c) A full or partial refund may be granted solely at the branches discretion. “No Show” customers will receive No Refund – see below.

    3. Cancellation advice or Refund request MUST be received by us in writing (includes emails). A response WILL be sent to you confirming cancellation of the hire and where applicable details of any charges made under this policy.

    4. In the event of a “No-Show” following a confirmed booking being made, including bookings made through the website booking process or via telephone NO REFUND will be provided.

    5. Van and Mini-Coach Bookings:
    A deposit of 10-20% of the total hire value or a minimum of $200.00 including GST, WILL be taken on all Van and Mini-Coach Bookings.

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