Child car seat for hire

    I need child car seat for hire

    Book affordable car seat for hire for you child. We provide you with safety car seat for hire, our booster seats are used for infants who are travelling to Kenya for vacation. Your child’s safety is our number one priority, we have car seat for hire which ranges from 6months old baby to 4years old kid. Car seat for hire must be installed rear-facing.

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    When you’re choosing your car seat for hire, think practically about how much space you’ll need for car seat for your child. Think about your luggage as well and any other baby kit you’re taking. Look at how many doors the vehicle has and choose a car with four doors, as putting children in car seats is hard work in two-door models.
    Choose renting car seats for your kids, factor that cost into your overall rental price. The cost will vary between companies, and the cheapest headline car price may not work out as the best value overall once you add in cost of the car seat for hire.

    Safety seats for kids

    If you’ve rented a car seat, first of all check that it is the seat you ordered, and it works for your age of child. Give the seat a once-over before fitting it, checking the harnesses are adjustable and work properly, and making sure there’s no damage.
    If you’re unsure on how to fit it, ask a member of staff for advice. They are unlikely to fit it for you, but they could point you in the direction of the instructions (there are often some on the side of the seat). And when it’s fitted, double-check it’s secure.

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    What if I need a child seat for hire in Kenya?

    Find out how to make hiring a car easy when you need a car seat for your baby or child. Discover the pros and cons of renting a car seat versus bringing your own, so you can do what works best for you on your next family adventure.

    Safety seats for kids
    Hiring a car seat from the rental company?

    Car seat for hire are bulky pieces of kit so it may not be practical for you to take one with you. If you have more than one child, if you’re travelling on your own with kids, you may need to prioritise carrying other items.

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    Is cheaper renting your kid a booster seat

    Renti your child a car seat is also a cheaper option than buying a new one. Most car rental agencies will allow you to take a car seat with you when renting their cars. Book booster seat for hire in Nairobi Kenya.

    Car seats for hire
    Car seats for hire country regulations

    Not all car seats are the same and regulations are different around the world, so it’s worth making sure the car seat for hire you have is suitable for the country you’re visiting.

    Car seats for hire

    Hire booster seats for travelling kids in Kenya

    These car seats are not the same and regulations are different around the world, so it’s worth making sure the car seat you have is suitable for the country you’re visiting.

    Choose safety for your kid

    Do you offer car seats for hire for kids?

    Yes, you can add a guaranteed safety seat to your car rental. Simply select the type of seat you need based on your child’s size, weight and age when booking online. The price will be clearly listed in the extras sections and your total price will be automatically updated.

    What is the difference between baby, booster and child seats?

    We let you choose the right car seat for hire for your little one in order to ensure that every child can travel in comfort and safety.