Lease your vehicle to us and make a monthly income of 150,000 Kenya shillings depending on the condition of your car. Vismart Africa Ltd is a globally recognized brand providing car rental services to thousands of tourists around the country and the world at large. We are looking for individuals who own vehicles and would like to make an extra income. Our fleet of vehicles cannot accommodate the ever growing number of customers.
Join us and start making some monthly income on your property. We are looking for other private property owners to join us. Join us by leasing your vehicle at a highly reasonable rates and start making an income on a monthly basis.


Welcome on board, become our partner by leasing in your vehicle at a perfectly negotiable package.
We pay upto one 150,000KES for vehicle leasing, but the price depends on the condition or state of your vehicle. Our leasing agreement terms and condition are flexible and easy. Download the document below and read through to understand every paragraph before agreeing to join our camp. 

Fully furnished apartments in Nairobi Kenya


Are you hotel or accommodation industry? Do you an apartment that you’d like to make money on a monthly, weekly or daily basis? Well, join us. Vismart Africa Travel has for many organized and planned tour and safari both inbound and outbound for corporate and leisure travelers. We have over seventy clients jetting in every month. Join us today, download the form below to understand more about the opportunity.

Contract Preview

If Lessee fails to make annual lease payments as required under item 3, or if Lessee fails to perform in any manner under the terms of this lease, the lease will be considered in default. Lessor then may do any or all of the following without giving notice to Lessee except as otherwise required by law: (a) take any reasonable measures to correct the default or to save Lessor from loss, in which case Lessee will immediately pay for the cost and expenses incurred; (b) terminate this Lease and Lessee’s rights to possess the Vehicles; (c) take possession of the Vehicles by any peaceable method or manner permitted by law, with or without court action; (d) charge Lessee the amount stated in Section 8.1 below.

Dalmas Ogutu

"Vismart has always been very supportive since i leased out my vehicle to them a year ago. We agreed on the terms of service and vehicle maintenance and we doing great as partners ”

Grace Irungu

"I invested in real estate but the income wasn't pleasing until i met Vismart. The percentage is quite reasonable and clients keeps on coming day in day out”

Obare Ontita

"As a taxi driver, it was hard at first getting clients, but ever since i partnered with Vismart Ltd..I've had quite a number airport transferes that i cannot personally count. Asante Vismart”

Vincent Bedube

CEO/ Founder

Vincent Bedube CEO and founder Vismart Africa Ltd
Car leasing payments