Nairobi airport taxi JKIA

Get a taxi from Nairobi Airport straight to your hotel for less than what you expect. Pay less and ride like a king.
Airport transfers are pre-arranged transportation for travelers between an airport and their final destination, whether it be a hotel, cruise port, or another local point of interest. They are often prebooked and prepaid through a booking service, a travel agent, or a tour operator, or they can be free services like hotel shuttles. Airport transfers do not include taxis, rideshares like Uber and Lyft, or public transportation options. You can also book transfers when you’re heading back to the airport at the end of your trip.


We offer Airport taxi in group transfer, our group transfer package accommodates 33 passengers comfortably


Our Nairobi airport taxi package is amazing and affordable. The package allows four passengers to sit comfortably to their hotel


Airport car hire package is what you need when you visit for a long vacation. Book car hire and have it delivered at the airport


Get your airport taxi with your baby car seat and allow your child to enjoy the ride too, or rent a car with the child seat for less


Nairobi airport taxi is the best option for you, because sometimes getting to and from the airport in Nairobi is a safari of its own. With unpredictable traffic and law enforcement officers along the way. Book your airport transfer in advance for peace of mind. If you’re travelling alone or in a big group, we will get you to your hotel on-time

Executive taxi

We care about your travel needs. We have executive Nairobi airport taxi for you. Enjoy your airport transfer like never before


Please note that all payments must be submitted via our till number. Your bookings will only be approved once the deposit is received on our till number 832285
Vincent Bedube CEO and founder Vismart Africa Ltd
Vincent Bedube
CEO Vismart