Let your child enjoy the ride too...

Baby car seats available hire

Baby car seats  available hire package allows your baby to enjoy the ride as everyone else in the car. our car seats are fully equipped and they can serve babies from as little as four months to as old as nine years old child.
Don’t worry about the price, our baby car seats for hire are very affordable. You can get one at 350ksh daily.
Click the yellow button to “Book a seat” for your child.

Baby car seats available hire PLUS

Baby car seats avavilable hire PLUS is a package for you. The package allows you to hire a car and a seat for your child at amazingly affordable rate ever.
Rent a car at our car hire normal rates and get a seat for your child at only 250KES a day. Click the yellow button below “book a seat & car” and complete your reservation.

Baby car seats available hire DOUBLE

Baby car seats for hire DOUBLE is the package you need, the package allows two of your children to ride like royals.
Get the two seats at amazing rate of 600KES for the two.
Click on the yellow button “Book a seat” to reserve them for your kids.

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